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Aradhya MRI diagnostic center in Balaghat is a new unit of the Shukla diagnostic. Together, we have built a brighter future for patients, offering them hope in the face of a difficult diagnosis and a setting that honors the vital role of human compassion in healing and recovery.

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Why patients choose our center

Aradhya MRI diagnostic assures our patients and physicians that it will continue to upgrade its facilities to meet up with the best solutions that can be offered to the patients using the best technology that is available in the world. We are committed to keeping caring for you when you need it most.

At Aradhya MRI diagnostics center in Balaghat, our latest state of art 1.ST Digital MRI system MAGNETOM Sempra from Siemens healthiness is the latest step in our ongoing effort to offer you the advanced imaging technologies you need for your routine as well as complex cases.

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Milestone Achieved By Shukla Nursing Home & Diagnostic Center

1978 Shukla Nursing Home History
Establishment of Shukla Nursing Home

The Shukla Nursing Home was established by Dr Mrs. Kusum Lota Shukla.

1990 Shukla Nursing Home History
Balaghat availed 2nd USG machine

Balaghat availed 2nd USG Machine (Aloka) by Dr. San Jay Shukla

1992 Shukla Nursing Home History
X Ray system

Conventional X ray system was installed.

1995 Shukla Nursing Home History
GE USG machine installed

GE USG machine installed-1st color Doppler machine in Balaghat.

2004 Shukla Nursing Home History
Upgraded to Digital X ray system

Center upgraded to Digital X ray (CR system) from old Conventional X ray- 1st center to be equipped with Digital X ray machine.

2004 Shukla Nursing Home History
Siemens Acuson X 300 PE USG machine

Siemens Acuson X 300 PE USG machine is the 1st machine in district with 4D feature.

2008 Shukla Nursing Home History
Single slice siemens CT scan

Single slice Siemens CT scan is the 1st CT scan machine in Balaghat district.

2012 Shukla Nursing Home History
OPG machine

OPG machine is the 1st Machine to be installed in Balaghat district.

2015 Shukla Nursing Home History
Siemens Acuson Juniper machine

Siemens Acuson Juniper machine is the 1st machine in Balaghat District with Elastography feature.

2018 Shukla Nursing Home History
Siemens 32 Slice MDCT

Siemens 32 Slice MDCT is the 1st MDCT machine in district with Pressure injector. Under leadership of Dr.Akshat Shukla and Team

2018 Shukla Nursing Home History
Upgraded to DR system

Center Upgraded to DR system from CRX ray is the only center in district to be equipped with DR (Cassette free) system.

2021 Shukla Nursing Home History
A big boon for people of Balag Hat district

The installation of grand brand New Siemens Sempra Magnetom 1 .5 T MRI machine with artificial intelligence system-1st and only center in district to be equipped with state of art MRI machine. Under leader Ship of Dr.Akshat Shukla & Team.

Why Choose Us

Ours is only center in Balaghat district to be equipped with 32slice MDCT with pressure injector necessary for carrying out angiography and triple phase abdominal studies.

Physician can view the scan in their laptop from their clinic by login in our system with your own login credential. You can highlight the area in the scan where you feel the doubt and our radiologist team will call you to discuss the case.

Provide broader level of service with support from leading subspecialist radiologist.

Updated from time to time.

Telephonic call to referring physician for each patient.

We are committed to it.

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